Chao #8
Finished 7th

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Anus was the poopiest chao of Season One. The first poop chao of his kind, Anus very quickly set himself apart from the crowd with his unique persona (and awful odor). His looks proved to be unique as well... so unique, in fact, that he eventually felt the need to cover them up with a cardboard box (which he would wear for the entire season). The other chao in the garden were clearly grateful for this, but they continued to bully him anyway due to his poopy pants and mkishapen head. It was a shame, truly, because Anus was the only Run Chao of the bunch. The bullying and shame prevented Anus from performing very well throughout the season, but all of the hate rage and gas came to a boiling point during the Chaovo Karate Championship. It would be during Chaovo that Anus would shock the world with his powerhouse performance - ultimately winning the entire tournament over the then reigning champion Jasper - her only defeat. In the end, Anus earned his underdog story, and his Bloodline Rite, and the audience earned an important lesson: poop your pants every day.