Chao #7
Finished 8th

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Flonne was a flakey chaopetitor in Season One. Seemingly always staring into the sunset (perhaps because this was their color) uninterested in the festivities, Flonne gave off a sense that she didn't want to be in the garden from the very beginning. This attitude shows in their final results, as Flonne ended up coming in last place overall for the season. As a result of this defeat, she was able to leave the garden first, so some believe this was their plan all along (this remains unconfirmed by Flonn themselves). Seemingly coming alive at various points, there was an occasional spark/sign of life, but they faltered far sooner than they could flourish. Despite their lazy attitude and uninterested demeanor, Flonne still proved to be a fan favorite and caused waterworks to turn on for many when the time came to say goodbye. RIP Flonne.