Chao #6
Finished 1st

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Jasper was the Chaompion of Season One. Despite their green appearance, this Chao would demonstrate that they were anything but green (or yellow) when it came to competition. Once they donned the melon it proved to never come off; and whether it was for it or because of it, this Chao never lost a sense of momentum and success throughout the season. This chao was hungry...this chao was thirsty...and though Jasper was unable to take 1st during the Chaovo Karate tournament, she ultimately achieved top honors via her hat trick o race victories and above average Chao Time performances. Who or what she played for remain unknown, her motivations still shrouded in mystery, but one thing is known: Jasper will be etched into history among the highest pantheon of Chaopetitors for all time.