Chao #6
Finished 7th

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Eddie was the Dark Horse of Season Two. With his black color and wicked smile, most were prone to steer clear of him throughout the season. Eddie kept to himself regardless. His feeding habits were minimal as well - mostly being skipped over or unrewarded. His previous career as a rock star had landed him in jail on multiple occasions - usually with drug charges attached. These experiences had given him a new perspective on life...one which demaneded a diet of more drugs than food (among other things). That perspective, along with the pains he had endured along the way, had been channeled through his music and this competition. Despite going mostly ignored and under-developed for the first several days, Eddie eventually found his edge and calling once again...skyrocketing up the leaderboard via his amazing drug-fueled Chao Time abilities (which he would later also write songs about). Though he had found his footing, he slippped again thereafter, coming in last in the Chaovo Championship Series ultimately failing to overtake Driplet and Kanashii. That was okay with Eddie, though, because Third is the Thunderbird, and that's what Eddie felt like whenever he was up on that stage.