Chao #4
Finished 2nd

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Driplet was a true studmuffin of Season Two. He used his Dusty Demeanor, Dastardly Good Looks, and Chaoful Chaorms to ride the wave of victory through most of the season. Despite his dreamy and studly appearance, Driplet didn't seem to be much of a competitor, opting instead to flirt and flaunt about the garden as much as he could. This worked to his benefit, as Driplet remained the overall Chao Time champion by the end of the season. In fact, all but six of his overall points came from zenny in Chao Time. Driplet proved that good looks were sometimes all you need in the garden, as every Chaopetitor wouldn't hesitate to make way and allow his point acquisitions. In the stadium, however, no Chao was too shy to alter that pretty face of his with dust or fists. Driplet never won a race - and came in last in the Chaovo Championship Series. In the final days, he would be overtaken drastically by another far more powerful Chao, but driplet didn't seem to mind, as he continued to flirt and flaunt after the competition. Driplet was a lover, not a fighter, but in Chao Garden Live! love alone (or good looks) can still go a long way.