Chao #8
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Kanashii was the biggest weeaboo of Season Two. Constantly mopey and downtrodden thanks to their typical salaryman lifestyle, this sadboi found solace in two things and two things only: anime and video games. These passions one day led him to find Chao Garden Live! and having been a former speedrunner, and knowing he didn't need to engage socially, he decided to apply on a whim. This proved to be the best decision he ever made. Though quiet at first, having remained at the tail-end of the leaderboard for the first few days, Kanashii suddenly went full Super Saiyan. From then on there was no stopping him. Kanashii went on a true tear the likes of which we hadn't seen until that moment of Chao Garden Live! Kanashii had become the anime characters he watched every waking hour at home. He ate more food than anyone, obtained more coins than anyone, won more races, and bodied the competition in the Chaovo Championship Series. Kanashii's pent up emotion had transformed him into something so powerful that he attained an overall score of 80, which as of the time of this writing remains the CGL record for highest score obtained in a single season.