Chao #3
Finished 6th

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NeoN3 was a memory made manifest in Season Two. Meant to carry the spirit of the host's original chao from over 20 years ago, this Chaopetitor immediately had a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Living up to the memory of a Legend is no small task, but NeoN3 proved to be up for it. As the season progressed it was clear NeoN3 had what it took to win - taking multiple race tournaments before long. However, in NeoN3's case, the odds quickly became stacked against him once the crowd made it clear nobody could truly replace an OG Chao Legend such as NeoN. Perhaps out of denial or fear, viewers collectively rooted for NeoN3's demise. They tossed him in jail every chance they could get, and consistently cheered for his opposited during events. Other Chaopetitors in the garden worked against him as well - stealing all of the food that would be his along with various schemes/tricks in the stadium. In spite of it all, NeoN3 fought valiantly, bravely, and attained 2nd place in the Chaovo Championship Series - a final statement to all of his deniers. Though he failed to earn Bloodline Rite, he showed his blood was hot with an energy many Chao lack.