Chao #2
Finished 4th

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Orange was a very confusing Chaopetitor in Season Two. Having no regard for logic, this Chao was not named for its color, nor for any of the fruitgear it would don throughout the season. Indeed, having sported everything from an Apple to Watermelon, and made of a sky blue color, this Chao not-so-aptly-named Orange came at great cost to the production for Season Two and its host. As a result of this ambiguity, Orange would go on to live a varied existence in the garden: sometimes getting food not meant for them, and sometimes losing food that was meant for them (with Cera, the all orange Chao, being the subsequent victim or benefactor). Perhaps because of this divide Orange was never able to be pulled very far in any direction - ending up in the middle of the leaderboard at fourth place overall. They didn't do poor, they didn't do great; they weren't orange, yet that name was its defining trait. This Chaopetitor will certainly be remembered, but will they be remembered correctly?