Chao #1
Finished 8th

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Royal was a true monarch of Season Two. Sporting the Golden shine (though some argue it was more of a shiny brown), Royal had an air of elitism about them. This particular trait perhaps proved to be their undoing, however, as His Highness ultimately was left in the dust attaining Last Place Overall in the season. Every single one of their 25 points ended up coming from Chao Time points, demonstrating what this Chao valued most: the almighty power of zenny. Without the drive to compete, this chao remained unentertaining in the race and Karate competitions, but nobody can say that this Chaopetitor was hard to look at. A true headgear enthusiast til the end, Royal made up for their lack of skill with a great knowledge of treasures both styish and valuable. Royal's loyal followers are said to still be awaiting his triumphant return to the garden where he will finally take his place as the One True Chosen Chao King.