Chao #7
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Zim was an exotic Chaopetitor in Season Two. The first of his kind (having a peculiar lime green color tone), many Chaopetitors were taken aback by Zim. This obstacle did not deter him. Unbeknownst to the others, Zim was here for one reason and one reason only: make friends. Zim's medical record stated that he hailed from the Moon...the half that had been tragically blown up for unknown reasons. Zim lost his family and friends in the blast, having only survived due to his transport to the Garden to compete in Season Two. The reception hadn't been great on the Moon for Season One, and he missed a lot on twitch due to buffering, but it was enough to show Zim that his alien athletic abilities would be far beyond those of Earth-dwelling Chao, so he had applied for what he thought was an easy win. It wasn't until he saw the catastrophe unfold with his own eyes while in transit that his resolve had completely changed. Rather than come to compete, he would come to make a new home for himself. After an emotional breakdown caused by his grief struck suddenly, the other Chaopetitors began to warm up to him. In the end, Zim had earned the Bloodline Rite, and his dream of being part of a new family began to feel more real than he could've possibly imagined.