Welcome to Chao Garden Live! -The World's First Interactive Chao Competition Game Show! Each season, we collect, hatch, and deposit eight fresh Chaopetitors into our Garden. Uniquely designed to keep the Chao contained and satisfied, our Garden is specially equipped with Random Number Generation and minigame systems that allow for both a heavily dynamic competition, along a chance for you to alter the outcome just by watching!
Our host with the most toast, Zero9teen, will fetch a fresh batch of Chao Drives and Animals to grant to the Chao according to our RNG. When done, he will then offer the final Legendary Creature (or more) to the viewer that wins a minigame. Winners not only grant this special boon to the Chaopetitor of their choosing, but can then request to "jail" another Chaopetitor for a time - preventing them from being fed and gaining stats. Lastly, winners can also choose the stage that the host collects the next batch of items from (thus potentially altering Chao evolution and stat gains).
There are three ways for our Chaopetitors to earn points:
-Chao Time! Is an exhilirating, heartstopping event where we watch our Chao roam free in the garden to chow down on zenny coins that we've scattered across it. For two and a half minutes, watch the action unfold and see how motivated these Chao can be!
-At the end of each day of feeding, our Chaopetitors will compete in a thrilling Race Tournament! Viewers can cheer for their favorite Chao during the race via the stream chat, and additional minigames will be played for various rewards such as Course Selection for a viewer, and more! The top 4 Chaopetitors in the races will earn points.
-The third method comes in the form of our Non-Stop Climax Action Finish: the Chaovo Championship Series! In this visceral, floating-balls-to-the-wall rollercoaster, the Chaopetitors put all of their might and accrued stat gains into a double elimination Karate Tournament for the ages. The winner of this tournament takes home both a staggering amount of points, but points are allocated to all but the last place fighter.
Only one Chaopetitor will be crowned Chaompion in the end, earning their luxurious life out of the garden. More than this, Bloodline Rite will be awarded to the overall leader in Race Points and the Winner of the Chaovo Championship. This breeding program will enable us to provide fans with a very special treat at the end of eight seasons...the Tournament of Chaompions awaits... will the Legendary Hero energe? Time will tell...

Chao Garden Live!, its web site, and the show are a not-for-profit stream made by the fans for the fans.
copyright 2019, all rights reserved
Special thanks to Zenfros, Claymmdude, Tene8rous, Bananco, lion_oh, all members of the Zero9team
A very special thanks to all the patrons and fans helping keep this (and me) alive.